Spring 2013 Conference – Saturday May 4th  

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Real Women, Real Business

If you’re in the Mississauga area and looking for a professional development conference that will inspire you, empower you and help you effectively deal with change, different personalities and stress in the workplace, sign up for Real Women Real Business!​

Take charge and reap the rewards YOU deserve! Make 2013 the best year yet! This power-packed day will energize and give you the tools and strategies needed to reach YOUR Goals. As women we face different challenges than men do. This conference will address these issues that plague women today.​


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Shanna McFarlane
Speech Title: Your Success is powered by YOU!

 Meet Shanna McFarlane – Also known as the Power-house Entrepreneur who went from “Homeless on the Streets to Owning the Street!” She is a recognized leader and the new voice for personal and entrepreneurial success!
Shanna is an author, very successful real estate investor, strategic entrepreneur mentor/consultant and a true Renaissance woman.
She has a vigorous well-sought after expertise in the areas of start-up entrepreneurship, business & real estate investing. Her rags to riches story and life of many adversity will amaze, inspire & empower you; this wife and mother went from being ‘Homeless on the Streets to owning the Street’ in her own right, creating an empire in the business of real estate entrepreneurship. Shanna has an extraordinary story and a remarkable ability to touch people’s heart. She is a master at influencing & empowering, building successful businesses, creating wealth and teaches others how to create Multiple Revenue Streams through her simplified version of business start-up & entrepreneurship thus allowing you to live the life you truly deserve!
She has founded several successful & profitable businesses, some of which she started from the trunk of her car. In just under 18 months, she grew her real estate portfolio to a multi-million dollar real estate business. She has been featured as an expert on a number of real estate programs as well as in a number of magazines including the Canadian Real Estate Investment Magazine.

Timothy Jones
Speech Title: Marketing for StartUps – A Journey, Not a Destination

A physics teacher by training, Timothy Jones landed his first job with marketing giant Procter & Gamble and has been a marketing nerd ever since. His greatest strengths are a visionary leadership style, a deep understanding of the processes required to launch new products and services and an ability to communicate complex information.
Timothy is currently leading a brand new start up for The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) and has held senior roles in customer strategy, client experience and innovative design for publicly traded companies. He has consulted with startups in Technology, Nutrition, Music and Health.
Conceiving, developing and executing innovative marketing strategies that drive stakeholder awareness, market positioning and shareholder value is what Timothy does best. He believes we live in a world of sameness and marketers must begin to let go of some of the beliefs that are considered best practice.
Today “Marketing” means many different things, from advertising to social media to branding to SEO/SEM to content development and the list goes on and on. Timothy will help you determine how to use your limited marketing budget to maximize awareness with an audience who will want purchase your product or service.

Janette Burke
Speech Title: Ways to Leverage Traditional and Online Media, Wow Ideal Customers & Make Money!

Presented by Janette Burke, 'Your Marketing Magnet' Host/Creator I'm Every Woman! TV, FEMPRENEUR Marketing/Mindset Mentor, Speaker and Author.

A former publicist and editor turned Creator/Host, I'm Every Woman! TV and Marketing/Mindset Mentor to Women in Business, Janette firmly believes traditional & new media is the best and least expensive way to quickly build your credibility, convey your message, attract clients to you (as opposed to you chasing after them), sell your products & services and make fabulous money. So much so that she has consistently leveraged its power to fast-track her clients' and own success.

Familiar with both sides of the camera, Janette has engaged, placed and interviewed dozens of professionals, entrepreneurs, authors and celebrities - and knows how to stand-out and secure top local, regional, national & international print, radio, TV & online exposure.

Whether you're looking for guest appearances, speaking engagements, to star in your own videos or create captivating headlines and content to post, in this keynote, she will share her sure-fire system for...

  • Aproaching, editors, broadcasters & producers with your ideas
  • Better communicating your story with unique hooks & angles
  • Acing your interviews
  • And other marketing MUST-HAVE'S that today's savvy FEMPRENEURS need to extend their brand and become recognized leaders in their fields - without being 'salesy', worrying about what to say, when or how they look on film!

Through her I'm Every Woman! TV Show and her 1:1 & group Marketing/Mindset Mentoring, Janette Burke shows WOMEN ENTRPRENEURS how to leverage media, communications and marketing to instantly connect with their target audiences, increase their credibility, share their magnificence and have the business, life and money they desire.

Pamela Rashid
Speech Title: To make it big you sometimes need to take chances!
Who needs Technology anyway?

Pamela is a motivational keynote speaker, business owner, leadership consultant and global IT Director. In other words, Pamela is a force to be reckoned with! She has worked with organizations to turn teams and individuals into consistently trustworthy, accountable, and high performance partners for success.
As a dynamic, entertaining speaker, Pamela’s mantra is that “Winners never fly solo” is an inspiration to audiences.
She knows that in today's highly competitive business world, organizations that foster trust and whose teams are high performance partners rise to the top. Pamela will get your team highly functional and believing in the organization and their own capability. You’ll end up with an exemplary team that aims for the stars, rather than for the coffee.
As the Global Director of IT, Pamela leads a team developing the next generation of Global Applications with highly scalable enterprise systems. With her background in Technology, she has extensive experience across industry sectors such as health care, travel, automotive, financial services and Insurance.

Having been in this business for 10 years and having witnessed dozens of great speakers, I have never seen a speaker that was more genuinely effective then Mrs. Rashid. She takes dreams and helps me see them for what they are “obtainable!”

         Steven Rao, Project Manger for Crawford and Company

Tammy Jones
Speech Title: How to close the deal!

Tammy Jones is the Founder of SmartSalesWomen.com – a company dedicated to sales training for women. Tammy has a track record of success in professional sales for a variety of industries: Technology, Education, Construction, Lifestyle and Publishing.

Tammy has taken what she has learned from her years in sales and training, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, and created a training program that works for women entrepreneurs. She cuts through all the theory and provides strategies women can learn and use right away to grow their businesses. From finding new clients and asking intelligent questions to closing the sale, Tammy helps clients navigate the sales process in a way that is not pushy and insincere. Just smart!


Marjorie Robinson
Speech Title: Inspiring dreams and turning them into realities

Marjorie is a counselor for at-risk youth, a municipal counselor, a businesswoman and a keynote speaker, Marjorie Robinson delivers a powerful message. She has exceled at facing adversity head-on and turning it into opportunities for growth and success.
Marjorie has made her success by inspiring dreams and turning them into realities. She works with young people and the community at large to help them find their fire and support them while achieving their goals. When she was diagnosed with Lupus and was immobile she did not let it claim her life; she found her strength and is now a coach for others who would like to get into shape and take control of their health.

Marjorie Robinson is from the Gaspe region of Quebec and is a mother of three. She is a positive role model for many young people and adults alike.


Mark Rao
Speech Title: Building the numbers is as important as building your house

Mark Rao is key for solving business forecasting and number crunching. As we all know the primary objective of any business is to make money and as such, business health and value is judged on financial accounting results. Working with Mark who has a deep understanding how the numbers impact every function of a business is paramount. In today’s competitive landscape it is no longer good enough to measure and report value. 
Unlike other accounting and business professionals, who specialize in financial re-porting, auditing, tax, or after-the-fact verification Mark Rao works with your unique business opportunity customizes the forecasting and scenario’s that are critical for any business.